Some suggestions.

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Some suggestions.

Post by Poznaniak » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:59 pm

Anyway, first things first.

1) Sometimes I have to login twice? Why is that happening?

2) Sometimes when I try to quote sometimes it takes me back to main forum page. Again, why is that happening?

3) There is a prediction league table on the frontpage of, maybe since I'm running a league here someone could update it whenever possible? (didn't know it was there before).

4) Front page - I believe it should be updated more often.

A) National Team panel
a Squads - Create a table with current squad.
b World Cup 2006 - Either remove that or put all the information from the last world cup.
c History - Someone (or we) maybe could write the history of Polish soccer. Write couple nice paragraphs and link some highlights of important Polish soccer games and to other artices or youtube videos.
d Stadiums - Write basic information about Polish soccer stadiums.
e Fixtures & Results - Could be updated with past results and future games.

B Ekstraklasa panel
a Squads - Create 2 pages. 1 for Orange Ekstraklasa and 2nd for II liga. From there someone can click on particular team and it will link them to that soccer team's website.
b Table and statistics - Link it to official Orange Ekstraklasa website.
c Fixtures and Results - Get rid of it or maybe someone could update it every week and link them to videos/highlights/goals or whatever.

C Prediction League - Make it possible and link it to that thread of mine.

D Website History - Maybe someone could like short paragraph how this website was created, when it got popular and etc.

E Contact Us and Staff - Update it.

F Latest News - Add some more articles.

Those are only my suggestions.

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Re: Some suggestions.

Post by Benek » Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:24 pm

Poznaniak wrote: 4) Front page - I believe it should be updated more often.
slowly working on it. PM MrMariusz and tell him you wanna help

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