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Post by olisadebe » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:47 am

we seriously need to consider bringing back olisadebe. what the fuck have we got to lose?

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Post by pawelhuu » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:21 am

Dj Domino wrote:Alright now...

Kuszczak (5): A couple of nice saves, some bad positioning, some horrible defending. Wasn't given much of a chance but still didn't do well.
Wojtkowiak (4): Iniesta destroyed him anytime he had the ball, was very poor defending today. Could never get forward. I like him but the difference in class showed.

Zewlakow (6): Did well in the air, on the ground was hassled a bit and obviously giving up 6 goals as a center back is bad but his defensive partners made it extremely difficult for him.

Glik (3): The worst player on an awful night. Constantly out of position, constantly challenging too aggressively and leaving Zewlakow exposed, no composure on the ball. Never thought he was any good in the EK, needs to improve mentally A LOT.

Dudka (4.5): Thought he started off pretty well, got forward to fill space but clearly has no quality in the final third. Defensively couldn't cope with the speed and guile of Spain but still clearly better than Glik or Wojtkowiak.
Peszko (6.5): Unsure of him in the middle but showed great willingness and drive. Tackled ferociously and had our only real chance. Pressures the ball handler constantly and though bit of a lightweight makes a nuisance out of himself. At the EK level he can use his offensive talents but here he had to adapt and did so well. Our best player on the night.

Murawski (5): Tried hard, ran, but he can't be the one holding the midfield three against a team like Spain. Unable to show his passing ability as we never had the ball but saw a couple of clever turns from him.

Mierzejewski (5): Pleasantly surprised. Rating is not great but I see something in him. He battled hard and won a few tackles. Technically his passing is ok, but like everyone else got run ragged by Spain.
Nowak (3.5): Never understood this guy's hype. Sure all the Polish players were a level below Spain in terms of ability but this guy is a level below the Polish players. Defensively was absent, offensively his lack of touch and physicality meant he could not hold up the ball. Had one play where he successfully held the ball up and made a run but that's it. Not good enough for the national team.

Lewandowski (5.5): Physically did very well against Puyol, won headers and held the ball up decently. He was offered zero support however and was left isolated where he often lost the ball.

Blaszczykowski (4): One of his worst games for us I've seen. Willing runner and defender as always but his touch and passing were well below his usual standard. Set piece deliveries were also lacking. Hopefully just an aberration.


Matuszczyk (4): When he came on for Mierzejewski at half time we totally lost the plot. We lost all our steel in midfield, he was awe struck. Couldn't win a tackle and was never on the ball. Still young though.

Sadlok (5): This kid impresses me. Great composure on the ball and smart, MUCH smarter than Glik. Needs to bulk up and be better defending against individuals but I really like him. I would like to see him play a defensive midfield role.

Sobiech (4): Totally invisible. He was offered zero support and couldn't do anything himself against the Spanish back line. I like him though, I think he makes intelligent runs but clearly was over matched.

Didn't see enough to comment on the other subs.
What about Justkiewicz I think he was ok, if you counts the time he played.

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Post by Dj Domino » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:03 am

polskaforever wrote:
Benek wrote:take 2pts off from each ranking...
I agree. Domino was giving a passing grade and/or slightly below to the majority of the players when it was not the case.
Well you guys are free to come up with your own rankings. Those are far and away the worst rankings I've given our side.

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Post by Pulaski » Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:44 pm

just give the entire team a zero. horrendous. :oops:

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