World Cup 2018 Draw

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by nero_on_acid » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:24 am

Its between us and Colombia for first place. We will beat Senegal and Japan. Then next round most likely either England or Belgium. Both are beatable, although would prefer to play England. And then after that, could potentially be either Germany or Brazil. That would be amazing. Germany would be beatable. I'd say Brazil are favourites to win the entire thing though.

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by lewandowskielbasa » Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:59 pm

nero_on_acid wrote:
Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:24 am
Its between us and Colombia for first place. We will beat Senegal and Japan. Then next round most likely either England or Belgium. Both are beatable, although would prefer to play England. And then after that, could potentially be either Germany or Brazil. That would be amazing. Germany would be beatable. I'd say Brazil are favourites to win the entire thing though.
Brazil? In Russia especially. I have Germany, Argentina & France as the clear favorites. Then Brazil & Spain.

Germany are big favorites because they bring most of their winning team back and add a ton of young talent. But I think they are a little overrated because Neuer will be returning from injury but more importantly while head and shoulders above everyone else in roster talent - the starting lineup will be a mixture of players still in their prime but getting precedence because of what they already accomplished I.E. Ozil/Gotze. If Lowe is able to put the best players on the field no matter their reputation I.E Sane/Goretzka then Germany should win. My point being the German team is in transition and will be better at Euros 2020.

Brazil's group is one of the tougher ones. They have been a bit exposed as one dimensional relying too much on Neymar. We will see how Croatia and especially Switzerland can deal with that.

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by Pulaski » Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:32 pm

lewandowskielbasa wrote:
Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:00 pm
Pulaski wrote:
Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:46 pm
No one is thinking we get out of the group... everyone loves Columbia and Senegal. Pretty crazy. We were the Pot A team. This group sucks for us. We have to play our A game...Senegal is fast as hell...and Columbia can play, look at the last world cup....I do not like this draw at all. We need Lewy and Milik to click, Zielinski needs to step up and our back 4....yikes I cringe because we are so old back there and Senegal and Columbia have crazy speed....
Ya, I know what you mean. In that case fortunately there is a 4th team in this scenario Japan and they are more than capable of playing spoiler to an over confident South America / Africa team

How do you like the order of games for us I.E. playing the pacey Africans first when we still have our legs. Then the biggest challenge in the middle and finish with calculated Japan

It just feels like 1 of the 3 favorites will lay an egg. Hopefully not us.
I do not like the order at all. It's part of the problem with the draw. I hate the fact we play Senegal first. It's basically the deciding match imo. We win, great... But a draw or loss puts us in a precarious position. Face Columbia next, and lose and we are likely finished. I would have loved to get Columbia first....then Japan and then finish with Senegal. It is what it is now. We need some friendlies against fast opponents. We historically don't match well with these types of teams. Good news is Nawalka is the best tactical coach we ever had. This team knows each other. Krychowiak will be vital...we need Milik back and gotta hope Glik and Pazdan can hold the center....

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by polskaforever » Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:41 pm

Winning the 1st game in the group goes a long way for sure.

If we lose the first game then I dont think our players can handle the pressure in the next game because its a must win.

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by JDE » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:15 am


1. Mecz Inaugurujący (Mane and Balde terrorize the slow Polish back 4 and have the illiberal fascist ultra right wing Nation asking questions if maybe the current economically beneficial refugee migration from Africa to Europe could be the answer to find pace and quality on the pitch going forward - Huffington Post)

2. Mecz o Wszystko (Falcao, who according to sources locked himself in a video room to study Pauleta circa the 2002 WC on how to exploit a demoralized team, ends the dreams of the poor Eastern European Nation that hosted concentration camps and denies women emergency contraception - The Wall Street Journal)

3. Mecz Honorowy (Today God bestowed his blessings on the cultural defenders of European values in defeating the atheist Asian Nation, with the Japanese in retaliation deporting highly acclaimed Polish National Whiteboy from their soil - Breitbart News Network)
As an individual, in club career, he is up there. His legacy for Poland is dismal. I'd even say Ebi. Smolarek was a better striker for Poland - Marty on Lewandowski

You've nevee bought a Thai kit u don't know the quality - Prancer on fashion

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by RyanIsaTard » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:36 am

Well done, JDE!

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by LegiaMistrz1 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:41 am

Our style doesn't bode well against any of the teams we drew. Senegal, Colombia, Japan are all very fast, super fit teams that can play at a very fast tempo for all 90 min. The way these tournaments work is you don't want to lose your first game, so the tempo is rather slow and teams don't want to risk attacking too much to get countered. I don't think Senegal will really come out thinking that even though we probably will. They'll take the game to us. I can see one or two game us losing a result right at the end because our players don't have the fitness level our opponents do.

Based on our current form, I see us finishing 3rd in the group but still a long way to June 19 and a lot can change.

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by tpolish » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:59 pm

I think a lot of "experts" will be picking Columbia, Senegal or Japan to upset Poland because we might be considered as "Overrated" to some. I almost prefer this over us being considered the favorites and crumble to pressure. I think the guys will come out with a chip on their shoulder and be ready. Past Polish teams have struggled with fast teams but that's because we weren't very good in the recent past. We played Portugal tough in the Euro's and they have arguably the fastest footballer out there.

Senegal will be fast and has a lot of European experience on their team but hopefully we come ready to play. Hopefully we can schedule some friendlies against Nigeria or Cameroon or something to get some practice in. Will be difficult no matter who we play, it's the World cup.

The one thing we have is Lewandowski in his prime. This could be his big shot to make a mark on his legacy. We just need guys to support him

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by Borubar » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:12 pm

We will be playing Nigeria, South Korea, Chile and Lithuania in our last friendlies in March/May according to the latest misja futbol episode. All those teams obviously reflect our opposition in our WC group with Lithuania a last test for filler material in the 23 player squad.

Nigeria is 99% finalized while the other opponents are still up in the air.
Italy was also asking to play a friendly with us for Gigis farewell game but since we only play in Polska they declined.
Saudi Arabia also wants to play us even wanting to pay pzpn but since we dont have any middle eastern teams and they are shite I think it will fall through.

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Post by lewandowskielbasa » Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:18 pm

Hilarious JDE. Funniest I've ever read on here.

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Post by lewandowskielbasa » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:24 pm

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Re: World Cup 2018 Draw

Post by jam-role » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:11 am

I'm afraid we are going to struggle in Russia.
Too many players out of form and not getting game time -
krychowiak has turned into a bum, really sad to say that after euro 2016 but his career has gone the down the toilet.
While we are weak in midfield (as well as defence) i just dont think he is playing anywhere near good enough to be anywhere near a successful National team, so, for me, he wouldnt be starting. That leaves a terrible hole to fill, i was desperately hoping Greg would get back into form at west brom, but alas , hes rarely even in the starting 11 of a side bottom of the EPL.
So, who fills his role? Good question, not convinced by Romanczyk, thats a big risk, esp as he plays in a joke league.Who else is there? Linetty? Erm, no thanks. I'd like to be able to solve this question but in all honesty, i cant. That unsettles me straight away, before i even get onto other areas of concern.
Strikers, i can only think of 1, Lewy, after that who? Teo, nope,not good enough, milik? Not enough game time , not fit, no way he will play at least 3 games one after the other, and i watched him the other night for 15 mins and he was dreadful.
Wild card might be Kownacki , yes he is young, but has decent potential imho, and m struggling to see alternatives, again, this would be a risk, as he too has not had enough full game time in Italy.
Defence, Fabianski, Glik, Piszczek, two more to fill and i can only think of Rybus at RB, the other Centre half? Well i can tell you if its Pazdan we're screwed, perhaps Cionek?
We have THREE top notch players, Lewy, Glik and Piszczek. After that its quickly downhill,the coach has a massive job getting this team through the group, the 1st game is huge, if we lose the 1st game its game set and match, this polish team will not be beating Columbia, its all about 2nd spot, at this moment , i don't think we will get it.
Another wildcard is Grosicki, yet again though, not enough game time in the english championship, he played well in the qualifiers though and on his day, can be a winner.Not at all convinced by him if im honest, but think 'best of a bad bunch' is in mind.

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