• polskaforever2 minutes ago
    We dont have any logic on the pitch. Its all mental
  • lechia27Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:50 pm
    Yea, I'd say we generally have good goalkeepers and strikers. It's versatile playmakers that we don't have.
  • lewandowskielbasaTue Jan 22, 2019 8:21 pm
    Why does Polska have so many quality Strikers? Are we natural heroes
  • polskaforeverTue Jan 22, 2019 6:19 pm
    If piatek is having a great season then he shouldn't be a super sub
  • MGMon Jan 21, 2019 2:31 pm
    Yes nice to see Milik in form; maybe him and Lewy could form a good stiker duo for the EQ ... and then we could have Piatek as a super sub.
  • lechia27Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:51 am
    Meanwhile Milik is doing well himself.
  • lechia27Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:51 am
    At least he's not leaving Italy. If he gets playing time, who knows, maybe he can keep the goals coming.
  • lechia27Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:50 am
    Piatek is going to Milan. Not playing today against them, and deal is supposed to be finalized by tomorrow.
  • MGSat Jan 19, 2019 11:45 am
    Kuba's first time back as a player in Wisla: ... 23&utm_v=2
  • polskaforeverThu Jan 17, 2019 7:18 pm
    The 3 ppl who are running wisla are there to make it look that they are legitimate club to own and not the crooks that was wisla sports association

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